Eurex: Im Q3 kräftiges Wachstum im Geschäft mit spanischen Basiswerten

FRANKFURT — Das Segment für Otionen auf Einzelaktien ist an der Eurex im Q3 um 15% gegenüber dem Vorjahr gewachsen. Bei den Futures war ein Plus von 167% zu verzeichnen. In beiden Segmenten wuchs das Geschäft mit spanischen Basiswerten stark. Meistgehandelter Future war der auf den Banco Santander.

Ab hier folgt die unredigierte Mitteilung des Emittenten:

Eurex Exchange is home to the broadest range of pan-European single stock options and futures with a product offering of more than 750 equity options and 800 single stock futures from more than 10 countries. This equity derivatives update covers the highlights of the latest quarter. The overall trend is clear. Although special events or major market moves may be the reason behind a specific volume increase, investors are increasingly bringing their business to a liquid, pan-European platform where they benefit from having a 'single point of entry'. This enables investors to profit from cross-border margin efficiencies, a single rulebook, as well as a consistent settlement and exercise methodology.

The Spanish product segment highlights the continuous pan-European growth in the third quarter. Spanish single equity options volume grew by 30% compared to Q3/2017, while the Spanish single stock futures increased by 500%.

Equity options:

  • The Q3 single equity option segment grew by 15% compared to Q3/2017
  • German equity options increased by 17% in Q3 with Bayer almost tripling its volume
  • In the Swiss segment, options on UBS AG continues to set the highest volumes with a quarterly increase of 54% compared to last year
  • The Spanish segment showed a healthy 30% increase in volume for Q3

Single Stock Futures:

  • The Single Stock Futures segment saw an exceptional growth in volume with 167% increase in Q3 compared to Q3/2017
  • The Spanish segment increased by 6 times thanks to Banco Santander and BBVA
  • Dutch futures increased by 3.6 million contracts, putting Unilever and ING into the top 4 in terms of volume for Q3

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